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tv   The Kudlow Report  CNBC  August 14, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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the stocks that i keep being asked about it at jim cramer on twitter. no, i don't think you should be buying nokia. no, i don't think that groupon is right. yes, i think that sprint on a pullback is terrific. no, i don't think you should be selling apple. i don't know why i keep hearing that one. and yes, i believe that google has more to run. these are just stock answers from me, but i know you keep asking them. maybe you just stay tuned to the show and write them down. now, after the close, we had the holdings of warren buffett and others. stop trading on people. it doesn't work. it's a loser strategy. after four days, paul ryan's polls have shot up 50%. i'm telling you, he's a game changer for this election.
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good evening, everyone. our top story tonight, vice president biden opens his mouth and inserts his foot. this after he says that republicans and big banks will put blacks, quote, putty all back in chains. it's a complete outrage. but team obama then says, quote, we have no problem with his remarks. joining us tonight, two powerhouse guests, america's mayor rudy giuliani and best selling author ann coulter. also this evening, paul ryan, the wonder kid goes on the road. take a listen. >> when you take a look back four years ago, we had a really tough economy. and without a doubt, president obama inherited a difficult situation. here's the problem -- he made it worse. >> why are unnamed republican strategists sniping at paul ryan. if you ask me, they ought to man
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up or shut up or both. ryan has re-energized the sfwier campaign. get with the drill. plus, is the obama administration planning on robbing the suburbs to pay for the city? a recent report shows the war on the wealthy being fought door to door. we're on the road with paul ryan. live from las vegas where the campaign plane landed ten minutes ago. thank you, emon, good evening. >> you're right. we did just get off the came plan plane. they just cranked up the music here. we're expecting to see paul ryan on the stage tomorrow. he's expected to talk about housing policy here in hard hit
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las vegas. earlier he was in colorado and he talked about the presidential candidate. take a listen. >> he turned around struggling homework. he created jobs. he is living proof of the example that if you have a small business, you did build that small business. >> and larry, that was one of the biggest applause lines that paul ryan gave all night at that event. another packedous house for paul ryan in las vegas. one of the controversies we're seeing here in vegas is whether or not paul ryan is going to meet with the billionaire casino magnet. he's got a meeting over at the
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venitian in vegas. but 245 will be closed doors. the press will not be allowed in that room. the campaign is making a distinction between the difference between a fundraising event and a fundraiser. that apparently is the distinction that allows them to keep the press out of the room. that's what's going on. larry, back to you. >> many thanks to eamon. this election is a referendum on the anemic economy. it's a kmois between free enterprise on one side and big government entitlements on the other. we welcome back rudy giuliani. as always, thank you, sir. i've got to play this .. joe biden said if the romney-ryan ticket wins. we're all going to be put into
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chains. let me play this for you. >> look at their value and their budget. romney vad in the first 100 days, he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. unchain wall. [ booing ] . >> they're going to put you all back in chains. >> you know, what did he say. you all going to be put back in chains. that almost has racial overtones rudy giuliani. what's your take on that? >> i think if it came from somebody serious, we might get all excited about it. but i think the vice president of the united states has become a laugh line on late night television. i mean, he -- i have never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. i mean, there's a real fear if god forbid he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency whether he has the mental capacity to handle it. this guy isn't bright. he's never been bright. people think well, he just talks
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a little bit too much. actually, he's just very smart. >> or there's another take. and maybe it's consistent request what you're saying. this is just part of the team obama attempt to smear mitt romney. you no know, smear romney, tying him to the terrible tragedy of the woman who got cancer. he hasn't paid his taxes in sen years. >> he can't run the way ronald reagan ran. he can't go to the american people and say are you better off now sthan you are four years ago? here's what i promised and what i delivered. what he's delivered is the worst economy maybe since the great depression. the most anemic recovery ever and policies that make most people in business too frightened to expand, to invest. so if it ever went to the american people and said i made these promises, i did a good job. are you better off than you were
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four years ago? he would lose by 60-40. the only way to win is -- he's got to try to make ryan and romney nonmon sters. they're not monsters. i don't think it's going to work, but he's going to try it. >> what's your take on paul ryan for vice president? were you surprised? were you pleased? >> i thought it showed a lot of boldness on the part of mitt romney. i thought he would select someone because mitt is kind of risk averse. well, this is a risk. it brings out all the democratic attacks about medicare and the budget. but i think this is exactly the debate we have to have. i think we're going to win this debate. and i think when we do, romney and ryan will have a mandate to make these changes. i think governor rom know has put the only substance into this campaign. this has been vicious attack after vicious attack. now we're going to be able to
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debate. should we reform medicare so we can save it? it's ridiculous to say that paul ryan wants to end medicaid. in fact, his proposal is the only way to save it. medicare is not going to be available to people 20 years from now. it's going to be disrupt and take down a lot of the government with it if we don't reform it right now. >> obama is sucking $700 billion out of medicare to pay for obama care. that itself is going to cripple it. which is more important, should this be a referendum on obama's lousy economy, or as you just suggested, should there also be a clarity of choice? the differences between the two teams? which is more important? or do they just go together. >> i think the second will be a far better election. it will give the romney-ryan team much of a nandate to accomplish what they have to flish. i congratulate mitt romney on
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lifting the level of the campaign by selecting paul ryan. he could have gone with a scorched et policy against obama. there's a real good argument you could win that one. but instead what he's elected to do is try to contrast his philosophy of less government, more money back into the pockets of private people to spend it dynamically, as against obama's version, which is much more government. if anybody is going to put anybody in chains, the way the government is going to take over your life and tell you exactly how much health insurance you can have and exactly what you can do and can't do, it's more on the other side if you want to use it as a metaphor. >> it's interesting, ryan's polls are already rising. we're going to have scott rasmus on. he's now through 50% favorability in the next 72 hours or so. he knows the number, he has a nice way of expressing himself. he has a moderate temperament.
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i mean, in some ways, this is obama-biden's worst enemy. >> absolutely right. i think they were wishing for him because sthept to have this debate. this was a debate we had in 2010 and we had an historic public victory. we went to the american people with, are you tired of how obama has built up this government, wants to continue to build it up through obama care and many other ways. i think if we get the debate as a choice between obama's vision and the romney-reagan -- i was going to say reagan. the romney-ryan vision -- because he reminds me a bit of ronald reagan. i think we'll win this election. it is a gamble, but i think it's a gamble that's going to work out. >> well, this is probably the clearest. let's stay with the reagan slip soft tongue. i think you kid it deliberately. it's a very important point. 1980 probably was the greatest choice election until recently. and maybe for many years. the reagan view, which is much
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akin to what i call r squared, romney and ryan, versus the carter view, which is very much akin to obama and crazy joe biden. and what do you think? this is -- do you remember reagan they said was crazy and trigger happen and couldn't possibly win. look what happens. >> won big by the time it actually all shook out. nobody thought he could win. i think that could happen here. the other way would also be a risk. if you just did scorched earth, no one would be voting positi positively. i think the democrats are going to be hurt by how they've overstated the case against paul ryan. you know, with that ad, him throwing an old lady or an old man off the cliff. paul ryan is nothing like that. that's not what he's suggesting. what he's suggesting are actually pretty darn prudent fiscal measure nas will make it possible for us to have medic d
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medicaid. make it possible for us to have social security. if you ask a group of young people, as i did just recently at a college, do you think you're going to be ever able to collect social security and medicare? about six people out of 100 put up their hand and say yes. >> i think economic growth has got to be the key message. and growth solves a lot of problems, including these entitlement problems. i think these guys are up to it. anyway, many thanks to america's mayor rudy giuliani. >> it kpooing choice. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. all right, coming up, stocks lose steam. closing with a sputter. but a good sign from retail sales today, squashes a potential double dip scenario. later on, conservative columnis the rise of ryan and the stupidity of joe biden. i like the romney-ryan version. i'm kudlow. we'll be right back. there are a lot of warning lights
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marks even after a stronger than expected read on retail sales, no. let's look at this.
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i want to give you my two cents. this is retail sales. up 0.8% today for july. that beat expectations. but unfortunately, wlst month, they were down 0.7%. so really, if i get this right, we are still slumping and the three-month average growth rate is still below 0. not a lot is happening here. i doubt if you get more than 1.5% to 2% growth. now, a couple of of other thing we don't have, business sales fell by 1.5%. last three months, overall, business sales down 5.5%, at an annual rate, a very bad number. and finally, the smal business survey fell slightly, but her's the interesting part. 231% cited government regulations and taxes as the biggest problem.
7:17 pm
think about the fiscal cliff still stopping small business. all right, joining me now is "forbes" magazine's executive editor. let me see if i can clear this out. what's your take on the economy? >> 8.3% unemployment. you're not going to see a sustained increase in retail sales. and worse, as far as i'm concerned is the labor participation rate is at 63.7%. it's been getting worse under president obama. normally during recoveries like we saw under reagan and clinton. it was 67% or higher. to me, that tells the story as far as future consumer spending is concerned. i'm getting tweets that's the paul ryan rally. let me ask you, is there a political dimension to this stock market?
7:18 pm
or is it too soon? >> i think there is. look, the s&p 500 right now is priced at only 13 times forward earnings. that's pretty cheap right now. if you consider that 95% of the businesses in this country take their income, the profits from the businesses as personal income and they're taxed that way, you look at the ryan plan of reducing tax rates across the board, that's a huge incentive. if he's able to articulate the benefits of free enterprise and small government, i think that's bullish for stocks. >> this is very much like 1980. let me go far afield. bernank bernanke and drogge, the two central bankers. does that matter anymore? is this easy money stuff going to carry stocks higher? >> i don't think it is. it may give them a little burst every now and then. the stock market is based on corporate profit. and corporate profit growth has been going down.
7:19 pm
7 pf 7% is expected in the second quarter. >> business sales in june actually fell. and for the last three months it's down 5.5% annual rate. that's a terrible number for businesses. >> there are no animal spurts in this country. the obama administration has killed them. if you look at a survey of senior loan officers, even though loans are easy to get, loan demand is way down. small businesses aren't taking risks. they're not trying to gro uh. >> you always give me one good investment shot. let's hear it. >> i'm going to go purely contrarian on romney-ryan winning and go with transports and companies that depend a lot on energy. you're going to see energy prices go down if they win. >> all right. thank you very much. coming up on "kudlow" republican consultants sniping about paul ryan. you know what? i think they need to man up and shut up. ryan energizing the republican party. and already, rasmussen poll
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finds 50% of likely voters have a favorable opinion of ryan. we're going to talk to scott rasmussen up next. [ engine idling ] [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] more power. more style. more technology. less doors.
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join mercedes-benz usa on facebook by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. >> with paul ryan now on the ticket, this young kathic midwestern pro growth running mate is putting wisconsin into play. he's helping in iowa and ohio.
7:23 pm
maybe even other american states. democrats obama, 237. romney, 191. but changes may be on the way. the pulse on likely voters in swing state ohio and across the nation. here now is ace pollster scott rasmussen, founder and president of rasmus report. your headline poll today, 50% now view ryan favorably. he's come up in the last two or three days. what can you tell us about that? >> well, he did come up. and largely that's because a lot of people didn't know who he was before he was introduced. political junkies and activists were aware of ryan but a lot of americans weren't. 50% favorable, 32% unfavorable. a lot of that is simply because if you're a romney dpan, you want to be excited about this. and so people that back mitt romney and demographics that back republicans are saying we really like this ryan guy.
7:24 pm
>> he's drawing huge crowds, scott. >> sure is. i think 7 out of 10 republicans had a favorable opinion of ryan before he was selected. that number has moved up. he is adding energy to the base. before the selection, most romney supporters said this was the election between lesser of two evils. so ryan is perhaps giving them a more positive reason to support the romney-ryan ticket. >> i want to put wisconsin in the play because of the impressive show. that would narrow the gap. obama 237, romney 201. can i put wisconsin in play. >> you can put it in the toss-up category, that's for sure. four years ago, barack obama won the state by 14 points. our latest polling just before the ryan pick showed it was only a three-point lead for president obama. we're polling tomorrow night to find out what the impact of the ryan announcement will be. >> all right, even before this, it looked like ohio was very much in play.
7:25 pm
whether the old midwest will be. then it's obama 237 and romney 219. ohio is in play, isn't it, scott? >> sure is. right now, we just released some numbers today, 45% for obama, 45% for romney. ohio is one of the four core states that will really decide the election and that mitt romney needs to win. and right now, it is dead even. >> finally, ryan in the midwest, i like, let's see if i get this state right. i like the chances for iowa. i hope i hit iowa right. that would bring this to 237 to 225. these are all flyover states, but they're all important. i am i wrong? >> mitt rom noo wez up by two points in iowa, very close. obviously too close to call. but it could go for romney and ryan, certainly in the toss-up
7:26 pm
category. white working democrats or reagan democrats. they're very frustrated about the state of the economy. >> paul ryan could be their guy. >> if they define him correctly. >> a story that infuriates me. disgruntled, unnamed gop consultants. now they're complaining about romney selecting paul ryan as his vp candidate. these guys ought to put up or shut up. we'll sound off on whether romney is right on with paul ryan. that's next. you can see this thing is closing and tightening. romney has a lot to do with it.
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welcome back to "the kudlow report." in this half-hour, vice
7:30 pm
president biden under fire for telling a pregom pennantly black add y ens that romney-ryan's policies will put them back in chains. ann coulter just wrote a book about racial demagoguery. she's here exclusively to respond to biden and others. also this evening, is team obama robbing suburbs to pay for the cities? a new report exposes this plan to redistribute wealth. we'll tell you about this new war on the wealthy. but first up, it's been just 72 hours since mitt romney announced his choice for running mate and already the romney-ryan ticket is getting flak from inside the beltway republican consultants and strategists. politico says, and i quote, the gop is fretting over ryan. the hill says ryan links romney with congressional republicans, quote, an association that could carry more risk than reward. and oh, by the way, new of the ryan krit ecks are actually cited by name. isn't that something? this whole thing is absolutely
7:31 pm
outrageous. here romney selects one of the most talented republican leaders in years and this is the response? from republican consultants? my message is very simple and i tweeted it today. man up and shut up. former clinton white house official is back. cnbc contributor and the american enterprise institute and guy benson, political editor of fortunately, you're not our republican consultant. but what have are these guys doing ask? it's so clear that ryan has totally energized the republican story. whether they win or no, he's energized it. what are these guys doing? >> maybe they work for other candidates who mitt romney beat, i don't know. but what's probably going on is they are operating from a 50-year-old play book and that playbook is democrats take medicare and they beat republicans over the head with it. but i think the time has changed. one, in paul ryan, you have a
7:32 pm
guy who can talk about medicare reform. it's obvious we need to do something. it wasn't so obvious 20 years ago, but we know we have to do something. then you also have barack obama who has thrown away this issue by cutting medicare by nearly $1 frl. the situation has changed, the landscape has changed. these consultants don't realize it. >> the consultants don't understand. the country is sthirsing and hungering for aen honest discussion of the entitlements, of overspending, overborrowing and undergrowth. that's what ryan is doing. and these republican consultants, i guess they're not on the payroll. that's the best i can figure. >> usually we democrats envy you republicans for your discipline and falling in line. this is one instance where that's not the case. but i think if i speak for a lot of democrats, the paul ryan pick enabled us to have a conversation just like we're having now. what are we talking about? we're talking about medicare. we're talking about entitlement reform.
7:33 pm
we're not talking about jobs. that's interesting. i tell you something, the republicans expressing concern reflect, i think, jimmy is right, a kind of traditional view that when you bring somebody in who's touched that third rail, actually embraced that third rail of politics you do invite controversy. i think it's good for the race. i think it actually helps different yat these ticket ps. >> but it's bad for the consultants. they should keep their yaps shut. >> consultants are overrated. unless you put your own rear endenend on the line fighting for votes, any armchair philosopher -- come on. >> if you look at these crowds, this isn't a third rail where it's electrified the ticket. in a good way, it's energized the ticket. it's just the opposite. >> look, ryan was out there in front of huge crowds talking about the poor economy and the need for economic growth. ryan is a guy who's always been a jack kemp, art lafr kudlow
7:34 pm
supply cider. he's for tax cuts and spending cuts and entitlement reform to grow the economy. i don't think david is right. i think growth is going to be a key issue. >> i think democrats are making two mistakes here. they're assuming that a, paul ryan is a one-trick pony and only talks about entitlement reform. which is not true. he talks about jobs and the economy. i think we're going to be talking about jobs every friday once a month as this election gets closer. we're not going to forget about job ps and the american people respect going to forget about jobs. one thing democrats aren't realizing, and maybe it's starting to sink in. the republicans are flipping the script on medicare. they have a great attack out saying excuse me, mr. president, you cut medicare by $700 million. >> that's the achilles heel. hang on a second. i want to read some tweets. because fortunately not everyone seems to agree with these goofy unsatisfied unnamed gop consultants. here's sot tweets.
7:35 pm
we received an overwhelming response from people who think room knee is right on with ryan. one 1r50uer tweeted, right. romney-ryan and company are just what the doctor ordered to cure the sickness known as obamanomics. another said seven-term representative ryan is more qualified than community organizer, both experience wise and intelligence wise. and here's another. larry kudlow at paul ryan, we'll focus on econ tacks and budgets, three topics on which obama cannot win. these are all my personal tweets. because i went nuts today when i read these stories. i'm sorry, i interrupted you. you were going to make a point. not just medicare, not just entitlements, there's a whole package of economi growth. if they don't, then david is right. they're going to lose ground. growth, growth, growth, jobs, jobs, jobs. oohite works both ways. to get out of the debt problem, we have to grow. we can't grow 1% or 2%.
7:36 pm
we will never be able to get out of that hole. we need to grow to get out of the debt. but we're not going to grow in the future if we have much bigger government. they're a drag on economic growth and jobs. then we're going to hear about tax reform. paul ryan has a tax reform plan. we're going to hear a lot about taxes. >> david, i don't think there's anybody in the leadership of this country in either party who can talk about growth, taxes, spending restraint and entitlement reform better than paul ryan. that's the thing. and i think putting him on the ticket therefore made enormous sense. >> let's ask this question. what does a vice presidential candidate do for a ticket? i would argue the ideal candidate helps to bring in additional votes that maybe the guy at the top of the ticket couldn't have gotten. in this case, when you look at the numbers, maul ryan is not really helping bring in new voters. >> how can you be sure?
7:37 pm
>> the polling show it. the question posed was, will this vice presidential candidate convince you to vote for the ticket when you wouldn't have otherwise. the answer is 14% that's very, very low. >> but rasmussen showed usz polls that his popularity is up to 50%. and also 36% are no uh more inclined to vote for romney. >> gallup had it -- >> it's split because it just started but there may with b a trend here. >> the idea is that paul ryan doesn't bring anything dem graphically doesn't make sense. he's midwestern, blue collar. there's a poll, rasmussen out of the ohio of the endependents in ohio by a 2 to 1 margin, they say the ryan pick makes them more likely to pick for paul ryan. >> i'm from madison, he's from jeansville. >> are you going to vote for
7:38 pm
imhp? >> you're ready to embrace him. >> you and i were talking to paul ryan one night and you were asking him, do you think you'll run for that senate seat. do you remember this? he said no, i've got news for you guy, i don't think ryan can win the state of wisconsin much less the united states. >> while romney and ryan is talking about issues and solutions, what joed biden wi will -- what ann coulter will say in a few minutes, the republicans are having an interesting conversation with themselves and the whole country is joining the gop that's why i
7:39 pm
think this could be a landslide. >> romney and ryan talking about jobs, growth, debt and reform. you've got the obama campaign just ted talking about chains, cancer and dogs. so let's -- >> paul ryan, you have a plan, we just don't like you. >> we're going to end on that note. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for congress, it did. a new gallup poll shows just 10% of americans approve of the job congress is doing. that ties an all-time low. a whopping 83% dis approapprove congress. oh, my gosh. up next, obama's plan to redistribute the wealth of america's suburbs and put it in the city. kind of a crafty welfare plan. our next guest is going to expose it when we come back. ♪
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7:43 pm
centers. joining me now, stanley kurtz, author of the new book "spreading the wealth" how obama is robbing the suburbs to pay for the cities. welcome. what's the most important way they're taking money from the suburbs and putting it into the cities? >> well, there are a few things. there's something called the sustainable communities initiative. nobody pays attention to that program because it has a name that sounds like gobbely gook. but if there's a second term you're going to see plans for pressuring suburban's ites to move back to the city. technically it's all going to be voluntary, but once those plans are published, president obama is going to be able to condition the receipt of federal aid of all sorts to local adherence to those plaps. >> is tr a tax component, some diend of tax hike component? >> well,there's a plan afoot to
7:44 pm
bring regional tax base sharing to metropolitan regions. we only have this in minneapolis st. paul. i discovered that. >> bama and his mentors for 20 years having try to put this practice as a whole. >> is it just they don't like wealthy people? what don't they like about suburbs? >> they blame the problem of the cities on the suburbs. when they move out of the suburbs they take their tax money with them. suburbia has actually caused the poverty of the cities. >> how about the taxes in the city? the poor schools in the city, don't they play a role? >> absolutely. it's the american dream that drives our prosperity. you save up your money so you can buy that house with a lawn and raise your family out in the suburbs. that's what generates prosperity. nies noeks actually treat the american treatment as a shame. the mentors said as much.
7:45 pm
they said racism and greed is what drives people out to the suburbs. they decide we've got to get a hold of that money and pull it back to the city. >> i have never heard this thesis before. that's why we want you to have on. do people understand this is going on? there's a war against the suburbs and a war against the wealthy and successful people? there's nothing wrong with the city. i live in the city. okay, fine. but there's a war against suburbs. do people know this? >> no, they don't. obama keeps it under the array dar. he had a meeting in july where he was gathering politicians around the country to push this regional tax base sharing idea, working with his old community organizing mentors. people that supposedly he left 20 years ago. he's still working with them. they're still shaping his policy. they're pushing a line called regional equity and regionalism. it's in obama's policies but the public doesn't know about it. that's why i wrote the book. >> all right, well done, good work. good lick on the book.
7:46 pm
coming up, ann coulter. does she think romney got it right with his paul ryan for veep pick? we're going to hear about joe biden, too. please stick around. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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>> we have seen a failure of leadership to get our tending, debt and deficit under control. what mitt romney and i are offering, the romney-ryan plan for a stronger middle class is designed to get people back to work. it's designed to create jobs. if we get the economy growing like we know we can, we can create 12 million jobs in four years. >> all right. that was vice presidential candidate paul ryan on the road today in colorado, sounding very much like a vice president.
7:50 pm
dignity. but oir current vice president joe biden had some remarks that can only be described as buy den-esque. speaking to a room in virginia predominantly filled with african-americans, he had this this say. >> look at what they value and look at their budget and what they're proposing. romney wants to let -- he said in the first 100 days he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. unchain wall street. [ booing ] >> they're going to put you all back in chains. >> put you all back in chains. joining us now is best-selling author, syndicated conservative columnist ann coulter. her latest book "demonic" is out in paper back. put you all out in chains? >> i would love you to have me on september 25 and re-ask this
7:51 pm
question because that's what my new book will be all about. it's going to be a hail mary pass. i think romney-ryan now is going to win. i think it's going to be pretty rough come october, us in my next book. "demonic" even that, you need to read all my books in order. they build on one another. that describes the group think of liberals and how they speak in images and metaphors in order to i voavoid facts. mobs can't be weighed down with facts and figures. but an image of being put in chains. >> is that not a racial slur of some kind? i mean, really -- i mean, i heard that and i couldn't believe my years.
7:52 pm
>> yes. kbu this is what they do. and cure osly, this is a beautiful example of it. the fact is entitlement programs as i talked about on your radio show this weekend are a disaster for black men in particular because they die younger. when social security and medicare were designed by the secular saint fdr, you know, they start kicking in at age 65. that was the average life span. well, now the average life span for americans is what what? up about 80 years old. that's mostly white women. the entitlement programs are a fantastic deal for elderly white women. black men will die without having what they could have been investing in through social security to their heirs without ever getting the benefit of the bargain of medicare because they die early. medicare and social security are terrible bargain for black people. but those are facts. it's much easier for the democrats to rile up a crowd by talking about republicans putting black people in chains.
7:53 pm
>> what's going to happen here? let's go fast forward. there's going to be a debate between paul ryan and joe biden. now to me, that's not going to be a debate. but i want to get your take on it. i don't think biden knows something. he makes statements like he made today. it's all over the media now. paul ryan is going to chop his head off. >> i'm not trying to falsely inject my paperback into the discussion, but it describes a lot about liberals. that debate is going to be a perfect exampleover it, more than obama-romney. you have paul ryan who's capable of doing math, and then you have the charming irishman. and he does have that irish gift of gab. he's a charming blow hard, joe biden is. and for people, for a mob and a group mentality, they'll think oh, we like his 13450i8, his charming. meanwhile, he'll be talking
7:54 pm
nonsense and paul ryan will be citing the kt fas and figures. this is the beautiful division between the democratic and republican party. >> you said this is going to be like 1980. this is going to be a huge skblekt you'll battle. reagan-carter. and here we are, obama-romney. i want to ask you about the great debate today. i don't understand what obama's policies are. in order to debate, you have to have a position. i don't understand, besides slurs and the rest of it, what exactly is obama running on? >> that's a great question. i would like one that says what's their plan? medicare is bankrupt. that is a fact. everyone nes it, liberals know it, democrats know it. err ski and bowles know it, clinton knows. and the obama plan is to lie to people and show viz videos of paul ryan pushing a little old
7:55 pm
lady off a cliff in a wheelchair. and the republicans' plan is to increase payments to those on medicare who -- and they will have medicare from age 55 and above. the obama plan has reduced payments to doctors, plus many good doctors are dropping out of medicare. old people, or people above 55, they are completely screwed right now under the obama plan. people 45 years or younger, medicare will be completely bankrupt by the time they hit the age to start receiving medicare benefits. the basic idea is like school choice, it's vouchers. you get the money. as we' seen in hundreds of years here and the skun and elsewhere, whenever you apply the magic of the free market and the consumer looking at what he's buying, quality improves, price comes down. but when the government does it, we get the amtrak food service.
7:56 pm
>> obama wants more government spending and higher taxes on successful earnings and business. to me, that's as much as h he's got. and to me, paul ryan can slice right through that like a hot knife through butter. >> i hope so and i'm looking forward to all debates and this whole election. >> do you think romney will be able to do it against obam that? that's another key point at the end of the day. at the end of the day, folks are going to vote for the president, romney. >> oh, yes. and the fact that he picked romney. for one thing, it's a brilliant choice and restores my trust in romney in doing the right thing. and coming up with the perfect vice presidential nominee. they have forced diby choosing ryan, obamas has forced this to be an election about ideas. that's not a good playing field ar the democrats. and yes, romney is a very smart and successful man. his weakness in dibaits, and i hate to sound like an msnbc host
7:57 pm
talking about obama. his weakness in debate is he's too much of a gentleman. when attack, he didn't defend himself. that was his problem in 2008. not this year. >> ann coulter, thank you very much, we appreciate it. that's it for this evening's show, folks. thanks for watching. i tell you, joe biden, you've got to take back what you said today. it is really a new low and you deserve what whatever criticism you get. i'm larry kudlow. see you tomorrow night.
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